Activity profile

The Scientific Council is a decision-making, initiating, consultative and advisory body of the Central Mining Institute – National Research Institute within the scope of its statutory activity and in matters concerning the development of its scientific and research staff.

The Scientific Council consists of 40 members, 40% of which are scientific and research employees of the Institute appointed through elections conducted according to the Rules of Election for the 24th Term of the GIG-PIB Scientific Council for the years 2017-2021. The remaining 60% are persons from outside the Institute, with at least the academic title of doctor, and persons distinguished by their knowledge and practical achievements in the economic field encompassed by the activity of the Institute. These persons are appointed by the minister supervising the Institute, including from among candidates presented by the Director of the Institute.

The competence of the Scientific Council is defined in the Law on Scientific Institutions, whereas in terms of the Institute’s academic authority – in the Law on Higher Education and Science.

The detailed principles and mode of operation of the Scientific Council and its temporary and permanent bodies are defined in the Rules of the Council, as passed by the Council itself.

Considering that the Central Mining Institute – National Research Institute is one of the few industrial institutes that enjoy the full academic power to confer doctoral and post-doctoral academic degrees in the field of environmental engineering, mining and power engineering, the Scientific Council conducts the appropriate promotion procedures. Up until the enactment of the Law on Higher Education and Science, the Council also conducted procedures for the granting of the title of professor, but the currently applicable laws transferred this competence exclusively to the Council of Scientific Excellence.

In this scope, it develops scientific personnel both for its own needs as well as for other research institutions, universities and the industry.

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